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I've just been informed that all you children are missing, so...

Girls just wanna have fun!

5/4/05 09:28 pm - My space WHORE

iam a MY Space WHORE!! so i am always on it... ANYWAYS i never ever write in my live journal, and Today i felt really bad for my live journal, so i decided to make it feel all better by writing in it. i really have nothing to say, so i will tell u my goals for the weekend.

a. watch romancing the stone


c. Sleep some more

that is all.. i love you all... PEACE

love always


2/16/05 08:06 pm - i havent writen in lj for a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time...

well.... i hate Bdays, but i get over it....(random) i went to the mall after school and helped whitney pick out some new shirts...YAY! i feel like going downtown this weekend, but i dont want to get rained on.... speaking of getting rained on, yesturday, the one day me an whitney dont have a ride when it is rainging decides to poor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we maneged to get some money for the bus, but then as soon as we got of the bus it rained even harder, my foot got STUCK in a pudel! i was laughing so hard i had to sit down ont he ground, sitting in the middle of a pudle, but it didnt matter because i was already driping! i think iam going to do a spring sport, but i think that signups are over, plus i dont know what sport to do.... i dont want to be in a game, or meet, i just want to get exercise!?!?!

xo kix xo

1/18/05 03:50 pm - i still love my chrisy fishy

iam sad :( iam really sad because i found out one of my friends had a birthday party and didnt invite me :( it always makes you sad when your not included :( i really dont have anything else today except if anyone reads this iam sorry if i wasnt my self today i was super tierd! YAWN!

i still love you chrisy fishy :)


kitt :(

1/4/05 06:48 pm - love SUX

ok have you ever liked someone, and find out later, that at the sme time they liked you too????, well that has happened to me and happened to a friend of mine today, it sux ! i just wish i could go back in time, but have it actually work NOT like in napoleon Dynamite! hehe w/e u cant go back in time, but i can worry about the future, ok i have a crisis!! i need help on what shape my peperoni should go in on my pizzas! they are minni and yummmy... so PLEASE HELP ME OUT PEOPLE!!!! ANYWAYS THE LAST TIME that i tried to make minnie pizzas i got sauce every were! so this time im gunna wearsome pretection... SPEACKING OF pretection, we learned about it in health, and josh neff the most macho guy in my class had to put a condom on a dildo.. it was GREAT!



1/3/05 08:18 pm

well christmas break is over, andfinals are aproching, i still need to see finding nefer land. we are learing sex ed in health, again and i had to go up to the board and label, some male part, it was so emberesed. we sand a DNA song in biology it was so rockin! WOOT WOOT! im in a rain boot club! yessss!!!!met two new friends.


12/23/04 08:39 pm - yay

yay! i got a my space! :) kit-kat barz!!
i thought i had it all figured out.

thats all i have to say, nothing new in my life.
<3 always

12/20/04 09:15 pm - UP DATE

- Went to Katelyns sweet sixteen... WAY SUPER SUPER FUN!!!!we rode around in carmel in a limmmmmmmoooooo! WOOT WOOT went to starbucks, yummmmmmy caremel frabachino ( iKNOW I DIDNT SPELL THAT RIGHT!)
- got my hair cut, yay its so much better!~!!:)
- got sick again!
i was sick for like 3 days got better, and now im sick again, it sucks!!!!! :(
- decided i was defenitly going to formal, no date yet, but ya never know
- got ALL of my christmas shopping done!!! YAY!!!
- decided what movies i WILL see over winter break
- never land
- that one with jim carey
<3 always
5 days till christmas :)

12/17/04 09:34 pm - to sum up my day

My day
-gift giving
-gwen stefani, with whitney (KEEP THOSE EYES OPEN!)
-hi my name is kitt and.... and.... i have knee peeing problem!!!!
-disco lights
-kreepy little girls
-being sneaky Patrick gill..MUAHHAHAHHAH!! 007 here we come!
-more sadness
-good bye

watching the play got me excited for the musical, that i plan to be in.... hehehhe im such a drama nurd!

<3 always
Call me over break everyone if you want to get together :)

12/16/04 07:01 pm - iam so so so sad

iam so so so sad i didnt get to have me hair cut that i have been waiting to get cut since my birthday. i was so bumbed, and my mom tried to cheer me up by taking me to get my nails done, i cracked a smile,m but still i was so bumbed. i then went x mas shopping, and got half of my christmas list complete, but im still not happy. i think it would take something big to make me happy:) im such a baby lol its just i have been waiting for this for like a month!!! RAUR! anyways i have so much poo to do tonight, i have to finish my present making, finish making a box for my secret santa..AHHHHH i have to write a essay in spanish about base ball.... tomorrow night iam going to see the play WOOT WOOT... is it at 6 or 7?? hmmmmm i cant remeber..patrick u better call me or leave me a comment
<3 always

12/15/04 08:12 pm - ugg

JUST FOR PATRICK:well at around noon today a fellow aproched me, questioning my clothing choice, he was woundering why i wore uggs with a skirt, and i replied. well this morning all my pants were still wet from the dryer, and all i had to wear were skirts and uggs,and flip flops. i told him that it makes sence for me to keep warm, with my ugg boots and still wear a skirt.
Anyways besides my little ugg skirt issues, my day went just GREAT!!! i returned to school, from being sick. iam way way way ready for my hair cut tomorrow, and for WINTER VACATION!!!!! WOOT WOOT WOOT!!!!! IM JUST SO FULL OF JOY NO ONE CAN COMPARE IT!!!!!! :) AH I CANT WAIT TO SLEEP IN! i have one mission for this break, and that is to see neverland, everyone says that it is just so good, so i must must must see it! :)
well have tons tons tons of homeowork, so see yah :)

kitt :)
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